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Being a Chinese strategic machinery manufacturing base, national enterprise technology center, DEC possesses top-ranking comprehensive technological research and development abilities in Chinese power equipment industry, and is the only one Chinese power equipment manufacturing enterprise,which is honored by the government as the first batch of “Innovation-oriented enterprises” in 2008. DEC adheres to technology progressing, after the efforts of several generations, technological innovation mode and the innovation system with its own characteristics are founded, innovation culture of “self-reliance, passion, perseverance, adventure, creation, pursuit of success, open” is established, which gradually enhances DEC’s abilities of technology innovation, upgrade DEC’s core competencies.  Technological innovation promotes the sustained and rapid development of DEC. DEC’s technology center was set up in 1994 and was identified as national enterprise technology center in 2001. The Central Academy was founded in 2007, which improved DEC’s technical innovation system. DEC insists on people oriented, keeps on consummating technology innovation mechanism, consolidates technological innovation, and cultivates a band of excellent sci-tech talented group.
DEC adheres to independent innovation, at the same time actively carries out international technical cooperation. The ability for R&D, technological level and international competitiveness of enhanced significantly.

Research and Design Laboratory

DEC possessing  the capability of planning and engineering for electric power system, geotechnical survey and exploration, engineering & design, consulting, supervision, EPC contract of different types of fossil-fueled power plants, nuclear power plants, transmission & substation ,and transportation projects.

With high class product design ability and analysis methods, DEC can constantly develop new technologies and products. Recent years, computer aided design is greatly promoted; hydraulic, pneumatic analysis and calculation have upgraded to Quasi-three-dimensional full three-dimensional. Computer analysis of digital simulation has been adopted in calculation of the boiler combustion, calculation of ventilation cooling generator and product structural strength mechanical properties analysis, which significantly improve the design capability and self-reliance level and also shorten the design cycle.

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